What Is A Syndication?

Simply put, a syndication is a group of persons or companies who are pooling money for a specific purpose.

Building Your Business

We help entrepreneurs stay within the law when it comes to selling securities. You are growing and moving forward; you have long term goals and now you need capital. Our clients range from sophisticated investors and brokers to individuals raising private money for their first deal. We will offer suggestions and show you alternatives that you have when it comes to raising capital.

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Putting It All Together

We make sure that our clients are fully knowledgeable in their syndication offerings by educating them throughout the process. If you're looking to learn more about raising private money, SyndicationLawyers.com offers free articles and videos that provide the necessary components for raising private capital.

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Products We Offer

We offer lump sum Syndication Offering Packages, that include everything from your initial consultation, entity formation, disclosure documents and investor agreements, to your final offering package and securities notice filings; all for one low price. From start to finish, we work with you every step of the way.

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